Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thrifty 365

I've been thinking a lot lately about living a thriftier life. How to live more efficiently, more economically, more eco-friendly, but without sacrificing style. With the Christmas season upon us, I thought this would be the ideal time to start my Thrifty Pledge, rather than waiting until New Year.

For the next 365 days, I will live a simple, creative, and thrifty life.

Anything we want or need will be repurposed with things we already have, are thrifted, or are handmade. All I need to do is put my creative brain to work and look at things from a new perspective. Simple in theory and a good challenge in practice.

I'm a natural thrifter and creative person. Anyone who reads my blog knows my great love of sewing, thrifting, and decorating. However, I really want to take this a step further and focus more on taking our life and home back to the basics; the fundamental things that have been done for generations. Things that bring us closer together as a family, such as teaching Miss Friday to sew (she's so eager to learn already). I want less electronics and busyness, more quality time and sharing.

This will be an exercise in sharing, learning, and restraint.

As a homemaker, my priority has always been to create the ideal sanctuary for my family and I. Our home is very special to us and I have had a tendency to go a bit bananas trying to achieve my idea of perfection. While most of my spending is confined to thrift shops, Kijiji, and discount stores, I've realized that we have more than enough. We have a beautiful life and a lovely home. The only things that really need doing are cosmetic.

Along the way, I'll be featuring my favourite thrift shops, Etsy shops, as well as my own projects. This is going to be a great learning experience and I'm looking forward to sharing how I get on. I'd also love to hear about your own favourite haunts, projects, and tips, so please feel free to leave a comment. (Comments are like candy to bloggers. Truly.)

Thrifty365 Do's and Don'ts

Do buy new shoes, socks, and undergarments for the family.
Do thrift or sew all clothing and outerwear for the family.
Do remember to sew from my stash whenever possible.
Do purchase fabric from independent sellers or when on sale.
Do learn to sew more for men - Mr. Friday wants cool handmade stuff, too.
Do use vintage sewing patterns.
Do reuse, repurpose, and rethink.
Do remember to challenge myself creatively.
Do learn to window shop and use it for inspiration.
Do buy handmade from independent sellers only if I cannot make it myself.

Don't shop retail.
Don't buy new sewing patterns. Vintage patterns are A-OK.
Don't pass up things on the street that can be reused / repurposed. Free is good!
Don't get sucked into consumerism.
Don't forget that enough is a good as a feast. Stay focused on the pledge.

* * * *

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If you'd like to join me in my Thrifty365 pledge, please leave me a comment to let me know and grab the button code below for your blog or website:


OpheliasApothecary said...

sounds like a fabulous plan! i love the feel of handmade and it doesn't have to feel like a sacrifice....most usually, for me, it feels better than a luxury! and i love love love thrifting! its my favorite thing to do on a lazy afternoon....spending a couple hours shopping my fave haunts...and only dropping $20.00. love it!

Veelana said...

That sounds like a great idea! I'm no good at buying second hand - I never seem to find anything I like and I don't really enjoy shopping (as such) anyway, but restraining myself and getting handmade things sound llike something I could do too!

lovely blog, btw!

Sarah said...

Thank you, ladies! :)

rose deniz said...

What a great idea! Wishing you much success with your project!

Sarah said...

Thank you, Rose!

nattyj said...

How has your first month been? I've been thinking alot about doing this lately - especially in regards to clothing - with you though on the underwear - don't mind buying shoes 2nd hand, as long as they are good still. Keep it going!

Atomic Mum said...

Hi, I love this idea. I soooo want in. If you don't mind I've added your button to my blog.

Nice blog btw!

Mothwolf said...

I'm in. I LOVE thrifting and repurposing.....so here goes!

Sarah said...

Welcome Atomic Mum and Mothwolf! So happy to have you on board for the pledge. :)

Zoe said...

Awesome project! I think it sounds more like a manifesto that everyone in the western world should be taking on board. Thanks for adopting my Stash Bustin' challenge into your project. All the best and happy sewing xxx

Sarah said...

Zoe - thank you for your lovely comment! I'm excited about the Stash Bustin' Challenge. My friend and I will be redecorating her daughter's room with stash fabrics and thrifted/found items only.

Linda Wolf said...

Although I have a good job, this is how I have pretty much lived my life for many years and would not do it any other way. Even so, as you say, we can often have more then we need. So I think Zo's "Stash Bustin'" plan is also a good one to complement your own.

I've added a link to you on my new blog and will post your Thrifty 365 logo as a reaffirmation.

Great blog! Thanks and keep up the good work.

Sarah said...

Thank you very much, Linda! :) It's lovely to have you on board.

ericalwong said...

Great idea! I would love to join you! I love sewing vintage/retro and thrifting! I am going to add your button on my blog if you don't mind!

Sarah said...

Welcome, Erica! :)

Erica said...

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, Sarah, but I am unable to get the image onto my blog....Could you offer me some help, please! Thanks!

Sarah said...

Hi Erica!

If you send me an email, I'd be happy to walk you through the steps. You can email me at mmdesigns2005[at]yahoo[dot]ca.

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Hi Sarah, I'm a late joiner. I think I found your blog off the collete patterns blog. I love this idea and I'm going to wean myself slowly by committing to 182 (that 6 months) of this project. It won't be easy, but I can't wait to see what I end up learning about my consumption, my habits, and myself. Thanks for the great idea!

Sarah said...

Welcome, Brooklyn!! I'm delighted you're on board with the pledge. :)

Miss.K said...

I would love to do this challenge!
what a fantastic idea

Penny-Rose said...

Hi, I have following your blog for a while and thrifting. I have added your lovely button to my blog. Thank you!

Sue said...

I need to start being more thrifty and your challenge is an excellent incentive. I'm going to put your button on my blog and start today.

Life In a Little House said...

Sounds like a great plan for the new year this!! I love thrifting and I do sew quite a bit so this will be a fun way to encourage myself to continue ~Thanks for sharing the challenge I will put the button up on my blog :)
p.s. love the Keats quote love your quote little blog! ~Heather