Monday, November 14, 2011

Be My Guest: Please Welcome My Favourite Bloggers

Oh, boy I am so excited to share this with you! Recently, I unveiled my plan to lock myself in my evil lair preparing holiday gifts. Not wanting to leave you in the lurch whilst I work my crafty madness, I have organized a wonderful line-up of guest bloggers for your enjoyment.

I am truly delighted that these lovely ladies will be blogging chez moi, as they are my absolute favourite bloggers out there! I can happily confirm that the following are already planning their posts as we speak:
These ladies have some fantastic posts planned for you, so pour yourself a fresh pot of tea, grab a plate of cookies and get comfortable!

As for me, I'll be hangin' with Miss K.E.N. More, Miss Molly, my oven, and various kitchen implements as craft my way to a Happy Handmade Holiday (and try not to injure myself in the process!). You can follow my progress over at the Crafty Christmas Club. A word to those on my gift list - view at your own peril!

**It's even luckier that every single one of these ladies has a terrific sense of humour! Otherwise I'd be in pretty hot water likening them to my minions!

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Stephanie Lynn said...

I LOVE Despicable Me! :D And your guest blogger line up looks great. It's a nice mix (for me at least) of people who I already know and love and others whom I'm sure are just as fabulous but that I've yet to discover.