Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Kindness of Friends

A mystery package arrived on my doorstep today. The culprit? The wonderful Meg of Meg the Grand, more commonly known on this blog as Meg-tastic.

Inside this package of loveliness was a beautiful note from Meg and yards (yards, I tell you!!) of gorgeous fabric and pretty notions. You all know much I love polka dots and large, bright florals, right? Clearly Meg sneaky-peeked inside my brain and I cannot wait to sew these up!

I plan on making a 3/4 sleeve Sorbetto out of the lovely dot fabric and I'm going to embellish the pleat with the same vintage black lace I used on this one. How I wish you could reach through your screens a la Willy Wonka and feel this fabric! So soft and cozy warm - gorgeous!

This blouse is going to be such a terrific staple in my wardrobe! I am making a purple poplin wrap skirt and this will be a perfect match. I also have a high-waist vintage pencil skirt on the sewing table that I'm making in black twill. Another winning combo! Plus, I can pair this with jeans, too. *happy dance*

How many layers of gorgeousness can you see in this fabric? The pinks, the orange, the gorgeous blues and greens - Frida Kahlo would be pea green right now! I am going to make a fantastic dress with an oh-so-very-swishy skirt out of this; my plaid Sorbetto pattern is perfect. Divine, no? I can show off the lovely buttons, bias tape, and lace, too. Wouldn't that be so awesome with a hot pink petticoat underneath? *squee*

Thank you so much, dear, dear Meg. I am so very delighted by your thoughtful surprise. I am proud and happy to call you my friend. xo


Miss Crayola Creepy said...

What a thoughtful gift! Opening a surprise box of fabric and notions is the best gift a girl can ask for!

Sarah said...

I know! Combined with Meg's touching note, I teared up! :)

Meg the Grand said...

XOXOXO Love your pretty face, my friend!!! Happy Holidays!!! PS Cannot wait to see the dress and hot pink petticoat - MEOW!!!

Urban Rustic said...

What a beautiful gift to receive!
To have such friends is indeed a blessing!!

Alessa said...

Aww how lovely and thoughtful! Such pretty fabric and notions! Happy Christmas, Sarah!