Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Review 2012: January

I set myself a somewhat lofty goal of finishing seven projects in January. I am very pleased to say that I finished almost all of them. Happy me!

I am really delighted to be able to contribute to The Sew Weekly this year and have set myself the task of completing one challenge per month. I chose the Accessorize Me! challenge, where we built an outfit around a favourite accessory. Mine is my me-made yellow rose fascinator and I sewed an outfit based on my love of roses. The top is Butterick 7762 - one of my favourites - and I used some of the beautiful fabric that Meg sent me. I have since tweaked the neckline and this top is getting lots of wear.

The second item is my eat-my-words trousers made from Butterick 2507. The fit is just how I like it: high waist, tapered leg. The fabric has a slight stretch to it, which I find makes it easier to work with. The only drawback is the fabric attracts every piece of lint, cat fur, or thread within a 50-mile radius, so I often look like a walking lint brush in these. However, I am still encouraged to try the pattern again.

Oh, my beloved Meringue! Our first garment for the Sew Colette Sew-Along is the wonderful Meringue skirt. I absolutely adore this skirt and its pretty scalloped hem. It is already on its way to becoming a favourite wardrobe staple. Read more about it here.

I made the above outfit with the intention of having it ready for The Sew Weekly's button challenge, but bad weather prevented me from getting nice photos of me in the outfit in time. The blouse is from one of my favourite patterns - Colette Patterns' Sorbetto - and the sleeves are self-drafted. The pretty, pretty dot fabric is from Meg's package of goodies and its is oh-so-toasty-warm! Just perfect for this rather chilly and damp winter we've been having.

The skirt is made of lightweight twill in an obnoxiously bright turquoise, which I just adore. Imagine it paired with my turquoise argyle tights and you'll get the full effect! The pattern was given to me and it is one I've not heard of before: Essentials. It's a high-waisted skirt pattern with three lengths. I added the button tabs so that I could use the pretty blue buttons, also sent to me by Meg.

Simplicity 3983 is the only project I didn't finish. The lack of side seams paired with the odd pocket construction (odd to me, anyway) drove me mad and I decided to be kind to myself and put it aside. I will, however, reuse the fabric, combined with a 1970's bridesmaid dress of my mom's, to make this fun skirt.

In February, I will be making the lovely Pastille dress as our second project for the Sew Colette Sew-Along. I'll also be focusing on making blouses and tops for winter, as I don't have that many with long sleeves.
* * * * * 
My Year-to-Date Handmades:
Skirts: 2
Trousers: 1
* * * * *
What have you made recently? Do you set monthly project goals, or do you prefer a different time frame? I'd love to hear from you!


shivani said...

Especially love the sorbetto with sleeves!

ReadyThreadSew said...

I'm setting a monthly goal of sewing one garment from each Burda magazine that I own for that month. I sewed from all my four Burda January issues in January (by the skin of my teeth) plus a few other items. I'm sure that it was only putting my goal on my blog that meant I actually managed to complete these items. Having the goal out in "public" gave me the incentive to complete it. I must now get my February goals posted.

Congrats on achieving your January goals.

Donna said...

I love the long-sleeve Sorbetto and especially the skirt with the turquoise buttons!

Ginger said...

I probably should set monthly goals, but I'm not very good with goals! I have a sort of loose project queue and I don't put too much pressure on myself to finish (I have a really consuming day job, so it's hard for me to predict ahead of time how much time I'll have to work on stuff). I like to have deadlines for specific projects, though-- like I'll be knitting a hat for a friend, so I'll set a date to see her and have to have it finished by.

I'm really impressed by your productivity! You have some lovely January makes!

Love to Stitch said...

Wow! You have sewn so much! I don't normally set goals, just when I think of something I try and make it as fast as I can. I have made quite a few things this month, which I am very proud of! And you have inspired me to make my own meringue skirt. I didn't really like the pattern before, but after seeing all your progress and pictures, I am definitely going to have to make one now!

Miss Crayola Creepy said...

You are BUSY!!! I don't know how you do it all, you're awesome!

Do you have any tips on making the long sleeves for the Sorbetto? I would love to make a long sleeve shirt!

Kat said...

Great work! I took part in 3 sew weekly challenges this month. I don't think I'm going to be able to keep this up all year though.

Tors said...

Whoa, you have been busy! I have so much going on right now, and an ever increasing list of things I want to sew, that I feel like I'm about to explode! I have been struck with indecision because I just don't know what thing needs doing first, finish removing woodchip wallpaper, clear my blogroll, make that bag, paint that wall, sew those coulottes, argh!

Meg the Grand said...

My favorite Rhinestone, these projects are all so fantastic!!! The polka dot blouse is positively divine - it turned out so well!!! Fabulous work, my friend!!