Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sew Colette: The Pastille Dress

Wow! What an amazing start to the Sew Colette Sew-Along we had last month!! All the finished Meringue skirts are amazing, as well as the muslins. I spent the bulk of January in full-on skirt envy!

This month we tackle the Pastille Dress, which is one of the projects I have really been looking forward to. I have my fabric chosen already and I can't wait to get started. Our sewing schedule this month is as follows:

February 2nd: Sewing the muslin
February 6th-11th: Fitting techniques
February 13th: Choosing fabric
February 20th: Finalizing the muslin
February 23rd: Sewing the final dress
February 29th: Pastille Parade

Colette Patterns' Pastille Dress
(Used with permission)

For this project, we will delve more deeply into fit and fit techniques, covering everything outlined in the handbook and more! In fact, the week of February 6th will be devoted to fitting the Pastille. If you have specific fit-related questions, please feel free to comment here, on Erin's blog, or email me directly.


Lavender said...

Can't wait to see your red corduroy Meringue! And join in on the Pastille :) LOVE that you're hosting this sew along, as I've already devoured the book & have fabric lined up for upcoming garments.

Tabatha Tweedie said...

I don't think I'll be making the Pastille dress alongside all you other lovely bloggers this month as I am moving house. We're doing a gradual move, just taking a few bits and bobs each day (luckily only a couple of miles from our current house) so I'm going to be incredibly busy until the end of the month. And then, I have to decorate my new sewing room! I will keep reading though to see how you all get on, and I will hopefully be able to rejoin you all in March! Good luck x

Ginger said...

I'm so excited to join you guys for the Pastille dress! Thanks a million for hosting the sewalong!

charlotte said...

such a lovely dress and will look fab for the speing, when it arrives. I will be thankful for all the help I can get on this one!!

Trice said...

Do you think it would count as part of the sew-along if I only make the skirt part of the Pastille Dress. I really love the pintucks.

Sarah said...

@Lavender - Thank you! It's quite a bright cherry red, which I love. I am so happy with the incredible response to the sew-along! Looking forward to seeing what you've got lined up :)

@Tabatha - We'll miss you this month! Good luck with moving house :)

@Ginger - It's our absolute pleasure! The response to the sew-along has been amazing :)

@Charlotte - I have a pretty spring/summery print picked out for my Pastille already. We'll be covering a lot of fit techniques, but please feel free to post what you would like covered, if we miss it.

Catherine said...

Really looking forward to joining the sewalong. Thanks for hosting!

Yizz said...

I am going to join in by watching you girlies but tbh the pastille dress whilst geogeous simply isnt a style that is going to suit my body shape. So I am going to skip this one and catch up on the truffle dress.

Mommy en France said...

I'm in for this one! But I'm going to do it as a skirt, as shown in a tutorial on the Coletterie, as I don't think the bodice will suit me.

autumnyarn said...

I would love to see some discussion of how to get a good fit in the shoulders. I have already made a Pastille Dress that I am rather happy with, but it has alot of extra fullness in the back shoulder area that makes the cap sleeves sit a bit strangely. It would be great to have an idea of how to correct the issue for my next Pastille!

Yizz said...

I am thinking I might draw up a croquis and do a bit of remodelling to see if I can alter it to suit me. Then I might be able to join in after all.

Chisa said...

Can I request a post on sway back adjustments? I've started on my muslin but just can't seem to get the back to sit right! I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to tailoring, so some more in depth info than what is provided in the book would be very much appreciated.

I've posted some pics and details of my issues here. Thanks heaps for doing the sew-along, I think it's really helpful to see how other people go about things!

Amalie J said...

Hello! Sorry i realise this is from aaages ago, but how can I find the other posts in this sewalong? I've been trying to find them and failing. I'm struggling with the fitting, and information I could get would really help!

Drizzt said...

This is so weird, but I had to search for them two different ways to get all the posts:

1) Click on "sew colette" from the label section at the end of this post (above the comments), then scroll down through all the posts and click on "older posts" - do this twice and you should be on the page with the Pastille posts, which are near the bottom of the page.

2) Search for "pastille" in the search menu found at the top left of this blog. Then, scroll down and click "next posts," which will take you to other Pastille sew along posts.