Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sew Colette: My Truffle Muslin

Thank you very much for responding to my  Truffle poll.  Teal satin and lace was the clear winner and I am, quite honestly, delighted!  You all have made a difference in alleviating my guilt for purchasing new fabric.  As many of you said, it is rather pointless to spend all the time and energy making a dress you don't really love.

I did go ahead and make a 'muslin' for the Truffle.  I wanted to play around a bit with other drapey fabrics before diving into my satin/lace version.  I used a lovely lavender printed vintage cotton that I found on Etsy at least a year ago.  It is a semi-sheer cotton blend with a beautiful drape, as you can see.  Forgive me for having Mrs. Singer as my stand-in, but I have had my fill of getting fancy for the time being! 

This dress, like all Colette Patterns, went together brilliantly.  The only think I want to mention are the bodice lining instructions.  Personally, I don't self-line my bodices in the way that is laid out in the handbook, but construct my bodice and lining first, as you can see in this tutorial.  While many of you may find the handbook method works for you, I wanted to be sure to include an alternate. 

It was such a nice experience to sew this dress, especially after my disastrous experience sewing a spring jacket for Miss Friday.  Horrible, doesn't begin to describe it.  This is one of the reasons I don't like to make jackets.  However, I digress!

One of the features I really love is that gorgeous flounce (Flounce? Drape? I'm going with flounce.) on the front of the skirt.  The way it gently swishes really ups the feminine feel of the dress and opens a wealth of possibilities for experimenting fabrics and textures.  For my teal satin/lace Truffle, I plan on using lace for the flounce, as well as a lace overlay on the bodice.

I inserted my favourite lapped zipper instead of an invisible one.  This really is the method I love the most and ensures that no swearing is heard above stairs when I am working in my Evil Lair (aka my sewing room).  I love the vintage look of a lapped zip and added a vintage mother-of-pearl button at the top with a small elastic closure.

Overall, I am delighted with how the dress turned out.  I cut a size 6 (36B, 28W, 38H) and the fit is spot on.  My only disappointment is the light lavender fabric seems a bit too pale for me; I think it washes me out. 

How are you getting along with your Truffle dresses?  Liz has already posted her beautiful version in the Flickr Group and I look forward to seeing more! Stay tuned for more fabric posts this week. 

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Have questions? Please feel free to post here, in Erin's blog, or in the sew-along Flickr group.
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Fiona said...

I love the way the drape of the cotton works for the flounce, great choice even if it is just for the muslin! The lapped zip looks great with that floral cotton, you've given that pattern such a lovely vintage twist with these choices!

Donna said...

It's a beautiful first version! It's nice when a project goes smoothly :) Can't wait to see the teal!

Sarah said...

Thank you so much, ladies. :)

Salma said...

I can't join in the whole sew-along at the moment but I think after seeing this I'm going to start on my truffle dress ASAP! Its gorgeous!

Miss Crayola Creepy said...

It looks so good!! I love the pearl detail, it's so perfect!

Lindsey H said...

Very pretty! I really like the pattern - it makes it look very feminine and delicate.

Stacy @ Stacyverb said...

Love that flounce! I have the Colette handbook but haven't delved into making any of the projects yet. But it's fun to watch those of you who are sewing along. :)

Rachel said...

It looks gorgeous! The flounce is so sweet. Your teal and lace version is going to be amazing.

Catherine said...

Your truffle looks very pretty. Can't wait to see the teal lace combo.
I had a major disaster with mine last night. I bought a new overlocker (serger) and was so fascinated with finishing off the seams, that I digressed from the paatern. I was fully lining the dress, so I added the lining skirt and finished off all the side seams. I thought it would be just a simple job of pulling all the fabric through the narrow shoulder gap.....well, for starters it took over an hour to pull the fabric through and it was not easy, hopdefully I haven't stretched the fabric. Then after all the heaving and puffing and muttering and swearing.....I was back where I started. I don't know how, but this just turned it back the same way....struth!
Now I have to cut all my nicely finished seams. I can't unpick the seams, as they've been overlocked. A big lesson learnt here!

kristenmakes said...

Love this! What a delicate and perfect-for-spring dress! That peplum detail is amazing.

Heather Lou said...

I'm finally going to make this dress this spring. I really like the look of your lapped zipper. I may give that a try as invisible zippers and I are not on great terms. Looks great Sarah! (And we have the same dress form!)

Meg the Grand said...

It's so pretty! I love the fabric you used, but I can understand if you think it washes you out - I have that problem too. I usually add a colorful piping around the neckline and armholes to set it apart from my skin - maybe that might help you love it a little more? Because I love it a lot and want you to wear it allllllll the time :) I am SO EXCITED about your teal version!!!