Sunday, March 4, 2012

That's Sew Cinematic: My Plan

REVISED:  27 March 2012

Welcome to That's Sew Cinematic! I am really excited to get this project off the ground, as it has been in the back of my mind for quite some time.  One of my goals this year is to sew more mix-and-match pieces; ultimately ending up with a handmade wardrobe full of interchangeable pieces and less closet orphans!  I plan on making the following (and boy was it hard to narrow down my list!):

I love Mary's beautiful dress that she wore to both the flower show and the garden party.  The crispness of the stripes and the softness of the lace is so pretty!  I have some beautiful blue and white striped seersucker and vintage lace to make this and I plan on using Folkwear's Garden Party pattern with a few modernizations.  Adding one of Tilly's bow belts is definitely in the plan.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Another dress I fell in love with is Vera's floral frock from The Edge of Love.  While the movie left me a bit 'meh,' the costumes were spectacular!  I love how Caitlin and Vera pair their decidedly delicate dresses with warm tights and wellies. :) My kind of girls!  I have some beautiful floral rayon challis that would be ideal, especially paired with Colette Patterns' Oolong.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Although Sybil is my favourite Crawley sister, it's Mary's style that appeals to me most, especially this pretty lace blouse. I have some lovely cotton gauze that has been waiting for the perfect project. Folkwear's Armistice Blouse pattern is just the thing to help me recreate this look.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Ask me how much I love De-Lovely? A lot!  Kevin Kline, Ashley Judd, amazing music, and terrific costumes combine to make a really wonderful film.  I have had Linda Porter's (Ashley Judd) lounging outfit in my inspiration folder for some time and it simply would not sit unsewn any longer.  I plan on making the tunic top using Sorbetto.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Much like Linda, Lady Edith was not about to remain silent in this project, either.  Once I had picked up two metres of this lovely poly-blend fabric, she insisted that her lovely floral blouse (beautifully recreated by Stephanie) be included.  Who am I to ignore the requests of a lady?  Butterick 8477, with a little help from Jasmine, brought my version to life.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I recently saw The Lorax and not only fell in love with the story and the incredible use of colour, but also with Audrey's outfit.  I love the green and blue knit shirt worn under a bright sheath-style tunic.  Sewaholic's Renfrew is ideal for the top and I think a bit of self-drafting / franken patterning is needed for the dress.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Pinching more inspiration from Lady Mary Crawley,  I plan on making the pretty skirt that she wore with her  lace blouse.  I am not going for an exact recreation (see Stephanie's beautiful version here), but more of a nod to Lady Mary's style and the style of the period.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Easy Virtue was a surprisingly fun film, made all the more so by the addition of Colin Firth.  The tango scene?! Gah!! I was quite taken with most of Larita's wardrobe, but it was her lovely wide-legged trousers that really caught my eye.  I love how effortlessly chic they are, as well as being very easy to wear.  I have some beautiful black linen in my stash and plan on using Butterick 4552 to make my own pair of 'easy' trousers.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

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We hope you'll join us as we handcraft our own silver screen style!  We'll aim to finish our items by the end of May.  Copy the code below and paste the button on your blog or website. Please leave a comment so we can follow your progress.  Be sure to join the Flickr group so you can show off your creations!


Cherise said...

I've never taken part in a sewing challenge before, so I'm really excited to do this! :)

I decided to recreate Hilly Holbrook's pink floral dress from the movie The Help.

Stephanie Lynn said...

Yay! I'm also planning on making Mary's garden party dress! :)

Symon said...

wow! are you really gonna do all those items by may? right on!! I love those pants; great pattern find! Looking forward to seeing everything come to life! :)

Sølvi said...

These are some great ideas, Sarah, and all of them team together so well too, I think. I am especially smitten with that Folkwear blouse. Gorgeous!

Can´t wait to see how it´ll all turn out! :-)

House of Pinheiro said...

Sarah, this book may serve of inspiration: Famous Frocks: Patterns and Instructions for Recreating Fabulous Iconic Dresses-Sara Alm & Hannah McDevitt. Chronicle

Ali said...

My goodness, woman, I can't keep up with you :) Between the Colette handbook sew-along and this, you're a sewing machine! So inspiring.

I love Downton Abbey too (do I hear correctly? we have to wait a year for the next season?). And I wasn't overly fond of The Edge of Love, but I also loved the costumes and I've got the Oolong in queue too, can't wait to see what you do with it.

I'd love to join y'all, lemme see if I can fit my current sewing plans into one of these great categories!

Sarah said...

It's so nice to see everyone's plans!

@Symon - Here's hoping! If not, we'll just extend to June :)

@Solvi - Thank you! :)

@HoP - I love that book! I was lucky enough to get it for Christmas :)

@Ali - LOL! I hope you can join - it doesn't seem right to have a sew-along without you involved!

Annabelle said...

These are some very exciting plans! I would have chosen all of the same outfits from Downton Abbey. Unfortunately, I think I will just be watching from the sidelines with this, but I am really looking forward to your creations.

Nicole Needles said...

Love this idea! I'm thinking a Mexican style dress a la Linda Darnell in 'My Darling Clementine'. And I may be able to also use some fabric from my stash, so I'll be able to fulfill my stash busting challenge as well!

Urban Rustic said...

Count me in! I am in a nostalgic hollywood mood at the moment anyway and had planned some Myrna Loy and Paulette Goddard inspired outfits anyway for the summer so this could not have come in at a better time.Any excuse to buy more patterns!!

Meg the Grand said...

I LOVE your plans!!! I'm excited to see all of the Downton pieces you'll be making, especially the coat *swoon*