Thursday, April 12, 2012

Walk Off the Earth

I'm probably a bit late to the party, considering Walk Off the Earth has already been on Ellen, but I wanted to share this incredible band from Burlington, Ontario with you. (Go, Canadians!)

'Somebody That I Used to Know' with one guitar!!

'From Me to You'

"Someone Like You"

I love independent artists and it was Mr. Friday that introduced me to these ones.  I hope you find them as fantastic as we do!   Find them on iTunes, on Facebook, and Twitter. Mr. Friday and I are definitely going to see them at their next live show in our area.  Awesome, no?


Donna said...

That is awesome, thanks for sharing! I love hearing about new bands and I find that's hard to do where I live. I must admit, I've been addicted to that song lately - seeing it played on one guitar blew me away!

Becky said...

Those were a fun listen--really good covers of those songs, too! Thanks for sharing!

KWu said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! I am always superbehind on the latest cool YouTube videos and whatnot, but I love these. It's so cool how people are so creative within new formats like single-take YouTube videos.

Meg the Grand said...

I think I need a beard guy to stand by me and be mildly disinterested in everything I am doing - or I'll just get the t-shirt. Whatevs. Love these songs - thanks for sharing!