Friday, October 26, 2012

Peony Sew-Along: Easing in Sleeves

This has to be the quickest and easiest method I've seen for easing in sleeves. Brilliant!

The Peony project schedule is as follows:

Week of October 1st: Sew-Along Kick-Off (Muslins, measurements, etc)
Week of October 8th: Fabulous Fit
Week of October 15th: It's All About Fabric!
Weeks of October 22nd - 31st: Be Our Guest
Week of November 5th: Peony Parade - be sure to upload your finished dress into the sew-along Flickr group!


Kestrel said...

Thanks, I really need to give this method a go to get over my fear/hatred of setting in sleeves. I've heard of the method before so this was a good reminder.

monkeysocks said...


velosewer said...

I used to do this method for jackets. Thanks for the reminder.

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