Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Peony Sew-Along: Taking Accurate Measurements

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Accurate measurements are one of the most important tools in a seamstress' (or sewers') arsenal; our secret weapon, if you like.  My girl Andie looks so fabulous in her handmade prom dress because she took accurate measurements. 

In order to take accurate measurements you need a few tools:  a good tape measure, a trusted friend / partner to measure you, and something to write your measurements down on.  I have a standard measuring tape and often have Mr. G measure me to make sure that I'm getting the right numbers.   Sarai chatted about getting better body measurements and recommends purchasing an inexpensive tape measure to ensure that the tape isn't pulled too tightly.   For $5, you really can't go wrong!  However, a standard measuring tape and a good friend is just as good, if you don't want to purchase a new tape.  Just make sure that they are not pulling the tape too tightly!

When taking measurements, be sure to take them wearing the undergarments you plan to wear underneath a particular item.  Leaving your clothes on, even something simple as a t-shirt and leggings, will skew your results.  It's best to set yourself up for success, no?

 For Peony, you will need your bust, waist, and hip measurements.  These are standard measurements in sewing and are quite straightforward to take.  Below is a video to show you how easy it is!

For more tutorials on taking yoru measurements, visit the links below:
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Punkmik said...

Just what a needed! thank you! not for the sew along as such but measuring advice is always handy!

tracy said...

I use a Myotape. I used it to track body measurements when I was a runner (lost fat, not pounds-needed to make sure I was making progress) and love it. No pulling or super awkward contortions to get an accurate measurement.

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