Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Peony Parade: Day 2

Continuing on with the Peony Parade, today's sewing stars are as follows:

Peony with alterations

Rochelle's Hallowe'en Peony is the cutest thing ever, no?  I love the retro-inspired print and all the personal details that make it her own. And the maple leaf fascinator? Fabulous!

Colette Peony

The Sewing Princess knocked it out of the park with her anything-but-basic black Peony.  Cheeky Silvia had teased us with a snapshot of the finished dress and I was eagerly awaiting the finished product.

C1017 Colette Peony

Poppykettle stole my floral-loving heart with her Peony.  As the rainy weather has been here in earnest, it is lovely to see citrusy colours and know that somewhere in the world, the sun is shining!


Sew Blessed Maw said...

Oh... I love them all. so pretty..

Meg the Grand said...

I LOVE all of the versions! I could easily see myself dancing around in front of a mirror in any of them :) Lovely work!

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