Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creating Seasonally

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

One of the things I did to help me stick to my commitment to sew through my stash this year was to organize my fabrics seasonally; fall/winter in one bin and spring/summer in the other.  It seems such a simple and logical thing to do now that I'm writing it down, but it really helped me to see exactly what I have to work with and, therefore, focus my sewing plans.

I also starting pinning images that represent my kind of vintage style.  This has also been helpful, as it clearly shows which styles I prefer.  For example, I prefer three dress styles:  50's full skirted, pencil dresses, and tea dresses. 

I plan to create seasonally this year.  Over the Christmas holidays, I had scads of creative time thanks to Mr. G being lead parent and I was able to make:

  1. 3 cowl neck Renfrews
  2. 1 plaid pencil skirt
  3. A pair of charcoal grey corduroy trousers 
  4. Cut out a 1950's style corduroy jumper
  5. A knit/crochet cloche style hat
  6. Knit cowl

All of these items meet my current needs for the season. The trousers are my concession to living in a freezing cold Southern Ontario winter.  There are days that simply do not facilitate wearing skirts/dresses no matter how many layers I pile on!   I am also knitting away on my Genevieve pullover which I am slightly modifying for a more vintage feel.  

I've made a loose wish list of items I would like to make throughout the year based on the season.  Many of them are 'cake' items and will fill in gaps in my wardrobe nicely and there's a good dose of 'frosting' as well, just to keep it all balanced.  

Wool pencil skirt
1940's swing-style corduroy trousers
1950's style corduroy jumper (already cut out)
Tiramisu dress
1950's style red slub silk dress
Corduroy cloche

Colette Oolong in rayon challis
Dress & fascinator to wear to my friend's wedding
The Jan Sweater
Crochet cherry brooch
Red & black corduroy bolero
New Look 6000

1930's style beach pyjamas
Floral wrap dress
Bathing suit
Linen cloche hat
Crochet yoke pullover

The Sports Sweater
Casual knit tops 
Corduroy skirt
Cozy pullover blouses:

* * * * *

How do you plan your creative projects?


Lisette said...

Ah! You're a genius. Everyone should sort their fabrics by season, including me. I just kind of go by the seat of my pants, which hasn't worked out so hot. I have a giant bag of my me-mades and it feels like I hardly wear any of them. The one thing I do use all the time are my knit hats and mittens. I always knit from about late August through February.

Amanda said...

In all honesty I really suck at sewing planning and that has left me to amble between projects as inspiration arrives. The result- a closet full of lovely frocks and not many separates and work clothes. In hopes to reform my rather cavalier ways I have just finished a pattern and stash stocktake and am going to start pairing things up. Time to shop the stash!

Symon said...

Your plans sound awesome, and your colours, fabrics and silhouettes envy-worthy!! Can't wait to see what you make this year! :)

Jen said...

I've never thought about organizing my stash by season - mostly because it's rather large and I already have it organized by type and sub-type ( for example knits are divided into plain/solid, floral print, stripes and dots, and miscellaneous prints). I like the idea, though, and if my stash were smaller, I'd probably sort by season.

You got so much holiday sewing done! I'm envious, as I only got 3 pair of pajamas made for my son and 1 dress partially finished for my younger daughter. I just can't seem to get in my sewing room!

nobutterfly said...

I find it hard to plan my creative projects. I try to have something in mind when I buy yarn or fabric, but I know I can change my mind along the way or simply forget for what project I've bought the stash. For my yarn, Ravelry is my partner, easy to combine gauge and pattern and to look at other projects. I've made a little list in my destash group, but it's not strict, seeing that Jan sweater is enough to add it and look for the yarn to cast on.

rosyragpatch said...

I love your plan & look forward to seeing what you make.

Miss Crayola Creepy said...

You sewed sooo much over the holidays, that's awesome!!

Alexandra said...

This is amazing! I really need to think about how things I make will fit into my wardrobe effectively... I always mean to, but then realise I'm making another floral skirt in November!

(also, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the one lovely blog award!)

Meg the Grand said...

I love all of it, because this idea of sewing seasonally is such a marvelous concept. Once I get my new sewing area set up and running in my new place, I know that I'm going to need to address my sewing habit and how I create. I love that you are including knitting with your seasonal plan, as you would look SO SO AMAZING in that Jan sweater. Seriously cannot wait to see all of your creations because your sense of style is so fabulous to me.

Alessa said...

Nice plans, Sarah! That top pullover looks totally gorgeous!
I've also begun to sort my fabrics by weight/season. Hardly believable how many summer fabrics there are! ;)
Good luck with your plans!