Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sew for Victory Inspiration

My inspiration for my Sew for Victory project came from two lovely ladies whose blogs I have been following for quite some time: Fleur from Diary of a Vintage Girl and Katie of The Little Red Squirrel.  Avidly watching Wartime Farm has really gotten me into the mindset of 1940's fashion and the Make Do and Mend mentality 

Fleur never fails to inspire with her chic style and glorious romps through London and the surrounding area in homage to King Edward VII and his penchant for the King's Ginger.  When I first read about Sew for Victory, I immediately thought of Fleur's classic trousers which you can see her sporting above.

I was undecided on what fabric to use and even considered breaking my no new fabric pledge (which I have, but not for this project *shameface*) until I saw Miss Katie in her fabulous new red trousers:

Can you believe that this is the first pair of trousers she has made?!  I became utterly smitten with the idea of having a pair of cheeky red trousers and it was a lucky thing that I have several yards of cherry red corduroy on hand, as well as two 1940's appropriate patterns: Simplicity 3688 and Eva Dress 3322.  I am leaning more towards Eva Dress 3322 as I love the side buttons; they remind me of my much-worn and slightly too snug (grrr!) Heyday trousers.  Should time work in my favour, I would also love to sew the blouse from Simplicity 3688 in white Swiss dot. 

As an avowed dress-and-skirts lady, you may be thinking I've gone slightly mad with selecting trousers (I had wanted to sew Folkwear's Glamour Girl Dress, initially).  I do assure you that my love of frocks and skirts is eternal; however, I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that living in Southern Ontario in winter means that trousers are necessary.  This reality I finally acknowledge and this year I am aim to add at least one pair of warm trousers in a neutral colour (well, neutral for me, anyway) that fit well and I enjoy wearing.
Operation Sew Victory Trousers is a go!


Lisette said...

Woohoo! Way to stick to the stashbusting! Tasha at By Gum By Golly also did trousers like that for the Sew for Victory. said...

Amazing trousers! I especially love the ones Fleur is wearing. Another thing to add to my to-sew list for this year.

Alessa said...

I love the trousers! I'd make them myself, except anything waist high looks slightly ridiculous on me... but I'm dreaming of slim coral jeans. :)

House of Pinheiro said...

i love your inspiration... will be so much fun see what you will make from it

poppykettle said...

That is a seriously fabulous inspiration outfit. Whoever styled that has great taste!