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Fall Essentials Sew-Along 2013

Fall Esssentials Sew Along 2013

Fall is one of my very favourite seasons and I often get very inspired when setting my crafty plans for this particular time of year.  Lisette recently left me a lovely comment remarking on how she felt nostalgic coming across our original logo for the Fall Essentials Sew-Along (FESA) in 2011. FESA was one of my very favourite sew-alongs, with both Sew Colette and Sew Colette 2.0 holding the top spot.  I so enjoyed talking about what inspires people and seeing them run with their individual inspirations.

As I took this summer off from blogging, I thought the perfect way to get back into the swing of things was to host another Fall Essentials Sew-Along! I am planning on kicking off this year's FESA on September 22, 2013, which is the official first day of fall, and crafting away until November 22, 2013, which is when many of us shift our focus to gift making. 

I would like to keep the original format, as it is the original brainchild of Ali, Alessa, and myself.  Plus, it think it works really well.  What say you? Care to jump in the crafty boat with me?


Fall is often a very busy season for many of us, filled with activities that often have us running hither and yon. Making your items should be a form of relaxation; a time to slow down and enjoy the creative process.

You can make as many items as you like.  Some participants create from each category and others from only one or two. 

Goal: Stock your wardrobe with quality pieces that you will wear again and again.

Benefit: A group of creative people who will encourage and inspire you, not to mention talk you off the ledge when you need it!

There are seven categories for fall/winter wear to give you lots of inspiration!  Feel free to find your inspiration from any era - vintage or modern - and create your ultimate list of fall essentials. 

Sears & Roebuck, 1956

Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather
Trousers, skirts, legwarmers and more! Anything that keeps your lower portion fashionably cozy fits perfectly here! The chilly weather necessitates the donning of bifurcated bottoms and sassy skirts!


Chic Chemises for Cool Climates
Blouses, tops, vests, cardigans, and sweaters! These wardrobe essentials can carry you from day to night, not to mention provide necessary layering to keep out the chill.


Fabulous Frocks
Dresses of all styles; mini, short, or long! Keep yourself warm in your modish designs, layering with tights and boots!

Underneath It All
When you're spending months covered from the neck down, a glamorous underpinning of your choice adds a secret, luxurious touch that chases the cold away!


Tender Tootsies
Let's not forget your frosty feet! Socks, slippers and the like are the order of the day. Keep those tootsies warm and dry!

Those Cozy Nights
Is there anything better than snuggling up in a cozy pair of pajamas with a hot drink and a book whilst Jack Frost works his magic outside? I think not! Sleepwear of all types are the way to go here!


Baby It's Cold Outside
Coats, hats, and mittens donned to keep the cold at bay, especially when out enjoying the spectacular fall colours!

* * * * *

I hope you'll join me on another mad crafting adventure!  Copy the code below and paste the button on your blog or website. Please leave a comment so I can follow along with your progress!   I've also created a Flickr group for you to show off your makes.  Click here to join

 * * * * *

A note to those in the southern hemisphere, please feel free to join us and tailor our cold weather categories to suit your warm weather wardrobe needs!


Letitia said...

I'm not sure what to make! I've wanted that On the Job dress for a couple years and I think I have a pattern for the bodice. I might have to make that. I'll probably still be on the beach in November. It's going to be fun to see other people in snow and mittens!

Nettie said...

I'm totally in!! I've already added the button to my blog ;o)

Zoë said...

Oh I'm tempted, it's Spring in New Zealand and I'll be keen to make some winter clothes. When I have my exam timetable I'll see if I have time to enter :)

Juliette said...

This must be the first time I see a sewalong : a/which could fit into my schedule, b/for which I have an idea of what I could make!Sooo...let's say I'm in!
Just one thing though : as i'm a bad blogger who doesn't know everything about how Blogspot works, could somebody just tell me what I shoud do so the buttons appears on my blog?
Thanks in advance for your answers!

Christy S said...

Button added to my blog and I'm in. I'm always making plans in my head ... maybe this way I can make some actual progress.

Sarah said...

Oh, boy! I am so happy not to be sewing on my own - LOL!

@Juliette - Copy the code from the box below the logo and go to your layout page in Blogger. Click on 'Add a Gadget' and scroll down until you see the HTML option. Paste the button code into the pop up box and save. The button will appear on your sidebar. :)

Farhana said...

I'm game for this one, count me in !!!

Debbie said...

Count me in! Even though I never seem to finish everything I plan to do, at least I'll get a few things done! Thanks for organizing this again.

mymodernvintage said...

Sounds like fun, I'm in!

Jen said...

I would join in (it's so cold here in springy NZ at the moment that it really could be autumn!) but my sewing machine is still on it's way back to me :(

But I look forward to seeing what you make!

Also, I started my Miette 2 days ago, and so far so good :)

Alessa said...

Oh fun! I have such fond memories of the last Fall Essential Sew-along! :)

Popcorn said...

This must be destiny. I was just searching the web while watching HP with my youngest son. Came to think about all the Sew-Alongs around the world and googled "sew along fall 2013" and stumbled upon this one! Since I have a lots of sewing projects for me in mind that never seem to get to the machines I see this as an opportunity to get a kick in the right direction.

Count me in! Since I live in Sweden my blog is in swedish but I will join the flickr group and there I write in english.

So thank you! You made my evening!

Beverly Miller said...

I'm so excited!! I signed up and put the button on my blog. I already have an idea of what I want to make and since I live in So. California, it won't be heavy woolens but light layers.

Alice said...

I'm in! This is excellent. I'd already started thinking about a fall wardrobe and have lots of ideas, but it's lovely to have some company and encouragement from the blogosphere!

Lisette said...

YAY! I have several things in my sewing queue and this will maybe kick my butt into gear to get them done.

Becky said...

I just saw this on another blog--I must have lost you in my feeder, because I'd thought you just hadn't been blogging! I think this will actually tie in really well with my other two sewalong plans for this fall, and I'm already working on a bunch of pants, so count me in!

FlutterBy said...

I love the sound of this sew along and seeing as I am in Scotland I will definitely be needing some warmer items that will see me in to the colder months to come. I have added the button to my blog and have started compiling my list.

Nanna said...

this sounds like the perfect sew al long to bring some Fall into my closet

DoeSims said...

I'm so excited. I've wanted to do a sew along for awhile now and this is my first one. Already making plans - can't wait to get started.

Urban Rustic said...

The last time I joined in a FESA I managed to contribute absolutely zilch I think to the sew along so perhaps it is not too hopeful to expect a successful outcome if I join in again!I am very tempted though as I a have some very tired looking skirts leftover from last winter!

Christine said...

I'm joining in too! It's been ages since I've done a sew along and I'm looking forward to getting back into it. No plan of attack yet, but plan on some cozy fall weather wear.

loveteachsew said...

I decided to join in! You can read my blogpost about it here

Sox said...

What a good idea! I'm going to try this, even tho' I have such a difficult time sticking with a plan. We'll see how it goes!

Nessa said...

Yes, I shall be joining. This is just the motivation I am needing.

Sølvi said...

Oh, I´d love to join, although a little late to the party! This is exactly what I need to get me back on track with my blogging. :-)

Thanks for hosting, Sarah! :-)

Cia said...

Oh, how fun! I'll join in although a bit late.
I've started making plans for fall sewing, didn't get much done during summer so I'm really looking forward to this :)

delightfullypeculiar said...

Oh, I'm in too, although a bit late as well! I was planning to sew some items for the ice age (I'm Mediterranean living in the UK) as I call any season where the temperature isn't over 20 degrees :) This is the prefect opportunity to get started.

Dawn said...

I'm late, but would love to join in.

Hanne said...

I am in! Greet idea and timing!

Anne-Rose said...

This sounds like so much fun! I'm late to the party but would love to join!

Anonymous said...

Sunds like a splendid idea! And two months of sewing time seems accomodating enough for my none too impressive sewing speed... ;-) So I should be able to finish at least some items of my wish list for fall 2013! I do not have a blog, but I will join the Flickr group.

Sabine aka Sushi & Peaches (on Flickr)

Alison Daly said...

just stumbled upon this after finishing 'Fall for Cotton' I think i have a bit of a sew along bug, hope its not to late to join up and I just love the categories so much scope.
ally at

Mrs. Whitman said...

I am starting late but I'm in. The button is on my blog and I am desperately in need of some cold weather clothes.

Lavender Shines said...

I will be joining in on this one. I hope to sew several things as I need to build up my wardrobe essentials.

sewmuch2learn said...

I just found this and would love to jump on the bandwagon! I have the perfect button up shirt and pants in mind!

Lelie // A Bouquet of Buttons said...

Yay! I'll join in too. It will be great. I'll be making/posting my list somewhere this weekend :)

begonia said...

I am joining the sewalong! Perfect challenge to make awesome southern hemisphere spring basics!

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