Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Essentials Sew-Along: My Plan

I was able to do one of my favourite the other night night: rotate my closet!  It feels a bit like Christmas as I open the storage bins and unfold the new season of goodies. It was interesting to note that my focus for the next little while should be building up my fall/winter wardrobe, making this year's FESA especially timely.  I have approximately a 3:1 ratio of summer dresses to fall/winter dresses (I was productive this summer).  I also noted a distinct lack of woven blouses and skirts.  I seem to be well kitted out in the knit top department, though.

I am very much a list-maker.  Work finds me with my trusty To Do List and home finds me with grocery, cleaning, and gift-giving lists.  Sewing and knitting are a huge part of my life and my biggest outlet, so it stands to reason that a well-organized list for my creative goals will keep me on the straight and narrow. I am a bit notorious as having eyes rather larger than my stomach.  Rather than set concrete goals for this year's FESA, I am going to make a wish list of items I would like to make.

Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather 
I absolutely love vintage-style skirts, as my 1955 Pinterest board clearly illustrates. Lightweight wool, corduroy, and twill are my fabrics of choice for this category, as they transition easily from early fall right through our freezing Ontario winter.   I would like to sew several circle and gored skirts, as well as make my own version of this beauty:

Colette Patterns' Ginger in sapphire cord is what I have planned for this project, as well as using scraps for the houses.   I would also like to draft my own version of these trousers.  There is something very quirky about them that I just love. 

Chic Chemises for Cool Climates
As I said above, my cool weather wardrobe needs a boost in the woven blouse department.  While thrifting this summer, I found an absolute gem of a pattern for a mere $1.99. Simplicity 4179 has easily become one of my TNT for blouses and will make frequent appearances during this sew along.  Another TNT pattern, Colette Patterns Jasmine,  will feature heavily here as it is one of my very favourites.  There is something so effortlessly chic about it and I always feel well put together when I pop one on.

Fabulous Frocks
This is easily my favourite category!  I am an avid dress-wearer and aspire to have a collection as fabulous as the Queen of Dresses, the amazing Roisin! I find her such a great source of inspiration, as well as an all-around lovely person.  I have been lucky enough to participate in a trans-Atlantic dress exchange for her and the goodies she sent are always on high rotation.

Ponte knit dresses are something I would like to make more of.  I do have four (yes, 4!) Coach Tour Dresses from ModCloth and they are so cozy in the cooler months.  Scouring Etsy for interesting patterns led me to buy Simplicity 0609 and Simplicity 3678.  Paired with New Look 6000, which I have still not sewn, I think I may help boost my dress ratio!

It wouldn't be me if I didn't sew at least one version of my all-time favourite dress pattern, Simplicity 3673, this season.  I have made it in everything from denim, to twill, to cotton, to knit and I love every version.  I have both woven and knit versions in my mind for this pattern.  Simplicity 1873 is a new favourite for me and I have some gorgeous flannel backed red plaid put aside for this. 

Underneath it All
Last winter I learned the true value of good slips and petticoats.  This year, I was determined to make my own and found the ideal pattern for me:  Simplicity 3429 from the early 1960's.  It's the perfect shape to go under my dresses and I have some lovely cotton that would be so pretty for this.  I need to raid my stash and see what else I have to use.

* * * * *

So, there we have my wish lists for this year's FESA.  I made add or remove items, as my mood and inspiration dictates, but that's the fun of FESA.

What are you planning to make? 

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Urban Rustic said...

I like the idea of the skirt with the houses much so I might steal it if I can stop myself from being so lazy and get my brain to work!I love the vintage petticoat pattern too.Petticoats and underslips are such lovely things to have in your wardrobe.

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