Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Essentials Sew-Along: My Palettes

 My Palette

I am so happy to see that I have such creative people to craft along with!  I have always liked Colette Patterns' Palette Challenges and wanted to incorporate it into this year's FESA.  As I was going through my fabric stash looking for the ones I want to use, I sat back for a moment and reflected on just how lucky I am.

See that photo up there?  That represents the two palettes I have chosen for FESA and every single piece came from my stash. Hamilton has an excellent fabric district and I am very pleased to say that each piece you see there was bought on sale or at a deep discount.  Not only do I feel extremely lucky to be able to purchase such gorgeous materials, but I am at the stage in my sewing where I can go to my sewing room and essentially make anything I dream up; notions included.

I also feel very lucky to know all the staff that work at Fabricland and Discount Fabric Mart.  It is always a pleasure to walk in there and, not only be able to pass a very pleasant time shopping for my next makes, but to sit and chat about sewing.  It's that small town feel that I wouldn't trade for anything!

Red Raspberry Palette

Palette #1: Red Raspberry
It was impossible for me to set on just one palette, so I went with happy, cheerful colours I love to wear in fabrics that are warm, cozy, and pretty. My first palette runs from rich reds to warm pinks; some of my very favourite colours. 

From left to right:
Flannel backed red cotton plaid
Red cotton twill
Red cotton polka dot
Modblooms in Red by Patty Young (there is a bolt of this as Discount Fabric Mart!)
Raspberry lightweight wool (thrifted)
Fucshia ponte knit
Raspberry knit
Pink stripe knit from Girl Charlee
Pink cotton twill
Pink cotton polka dot

Blue Green Palette

Palette #2: Blue Green
I am a huge fan of rich blue greens, as you can see by this photo.  Last year I knitted a lovely pullover in Spruce and have fallen more in love with this palette ever since. 

From left to right:
Navy cotton twill
Sapphire corduroy ($3/m at Fabricland!)
Sapphire stretch twill
Nova Scotia cotton plaid
Teal ponte knit
Teal corduroy ($3/m at Fabricland!)
Turquoise cotton twill
Turquoise cotton polka dots
Gardenia in Blue by Patty Young cotton knit

Will you be sewing with a palette for FESA?  What colours do you find most inspiring?


Sew little time said...

i love this idea! i have a plan in my head which i need to blog about. i'm mainly using stash fabric, and there is a bit of colour scheme going on (but i tend to find that i stick to a similar colour scheme each year anyway). i really want to use what i can from my stash before buying new fabric (but i know i will buy some knits as i don't have any in my stash and i am planning to make cake patterns' red velvet and her blazer pattern)

Alice said...

This is a great post. I love seeing all the fabric together!

Personally, I've really gone off bright colors (my usual modus operandi) recently. I'm planning lots of dark neutrals - blacks, grays, maybe some dark purples. I have a bunch of colorful stuff in my wardrobe to mix it up with, so I'm pretty sure I could pretty much just sew black things for a couple of months without being in any danger of looking boring.

Urban Rustic said...

Gorgeous fabrics!My "local" fabric shop is nearly thirty miles away!Fabric shops,whether they be good or bad,are rarer than hens teeth in England.If it is a fabric shop then it usually sells quilting fabric which you can use for dresses but sometimes cotton in the winter looks a bit odd!

Carolyn said...

What an absolutely beautifully set of fabrics you have! Your local stores must be just superb. I wanna move to where you live!

Mrs. Whitman said...

I am currently in a gray stage so I am doing a lot of gray/black with yellow and pink accents. Some blues too.

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