Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sew Dolly Clackett Patterns

My pattern shortlist.  It was hard to narrow it down, let me tell you!

Spoilt for choice again! Boy, it was really hard to narrow down my choices to these 6 patterns.  Now I have to narrow it down even further!!

Simplicity 2444
I have an ongoing love affair with Simplicity patterns. Modern or vintage, I rarely need to make alterations and they always turn out brilliantly.  Clearly this is one of Roisin's favourite patterns and I picked this up a few weeks ago when Sew Dolly Clackett was in it's planning stages.  The bonus? It was $1.00!!

Simplicity 1873
This is one of my personal favourites.  I've used it often to sew dresses and have three separate bodice designs that I've drafted for different looks.

Christine Haynes Emery Dress
How could I not purchase this fabulous pattern?  It's a new favourite of Roisin's and she has made some stellar versions!  I am looking forward to sewing this beauty.  She is highly recommended and features all the things I love in a dress.

Butterick 6582
I love this retro pattern.  The crossover bodice is so pretty and the bows at the shoulders are really cute.  I haven't sewn this pattern yet and Sew Dolly Clackett would be the ideal opportunity.

Advance 9833
I found his lovely vintage pattern on Etsy over 2 years ago and it has been languishing in my stash since then.  It's from 1960 and would look really cute in gingham or the martini fabric.

Butterick 4386
I love this classic sheath dress pattern, especially version B with the contrast collar and tie.  Version F appeals to me for Sew Dolly Clackett as it's still freezing here (oh, winter!) and I like the twisted waist detail.

The essence of Roisin's style is  mid-century modern.  It's classically ladylike with a modern twist.  She favours knee-length dresses with either full or pencil skirts.  Novelty prints are a must!  Fantastic shoes are de rigeur!  Use this as your benchmark for choosing patterns and fabrics and you can't go wrong!  Don't forget to check out Roisin's handmade wardrobe page for tons of inspiration and project details.


Ruth said...

You've got some great options to pick from there - I particularly like the sound of the bows on the shoulders of Butterick 6582, sounds cute! I think I'm going to go for an Emery - I made one pretty soon after the pattern was released and loved it so I've been looking for an excuse to make another one!

Sarah said...

Great feedback on B6582 - thank you!!! Additional ideas?! Bring them on!!

Sarah said...

I'm leaning toward Emery right now.....

Wear.A.Wyatt said...

After just completing the B6582 just this weekend, I had wondered if it would be a suitable contender; sorely tempted now to do it again but in the fuller skirt- I have my "Jackdaw" eye on a Michael Miller FAB fabric,- but will continue to research before full commitment is given to pattern

Sarah Sparkles said...

I've made 3 versions of the Butterick 6582: 2 with the full skirt and 1 of the wiggle dress. It's great, although the cross-over wound up being higher than I expected. It also didn't drape quite as nicely as I would have liked, but I suspect that was because I used cotton instead of a fabric with more drape.

And now you've given me an additional idea for one of my Roisin makes... *rubs hands with glee* *hopes she can live up to the hype she's building*

Sarah Sparkles said...

Spoilers, sweetie.

Sarah Sparkles said...

LOL! So noted :)

Sarah Sparkles said...

Sounds like a great plan!

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