Friday, February 27, 2015

An Outfit for Training

My department at work is launching a new software system in less than two weeks, so my colleagues and I attended a training session this week.  For four hours.  That training session really made me appreciate teachers and trainers who take the time to know their audience and gauge their skill set prior to diving in.  It saves so much time and makes for a much more enjoyable session.

I knew I needed to be comfortable; nothing pinching my waist making me want to pee every 10 minutes and nothing that would be too warm.  You never know with classrooms - they can be like deep freezers or the Amazon jungle.  I like to be prepared.

I have had my eye on recreating this dress since I spied it on 100 Acts of Sewing. With most of my inspirations, I can rarely find the actual fabric used and tend to refer to them as more of a jumping-off point.  This time, I was delighted to find the exact fabric used on!  I knew it was a Kaffe Fassett print when I first saw it - he does have a rather distinct style - and I loved the saturated colours and unusual pattern which reminded me of those little pools left behind when the tide goes out.

I used the Laurel dress which is another pattern from my personal uniform.  I've tweaked the pattern so that it really works for me from both a sewing and style perspective.  I like the easy fit of 1960's shift dresses, so I eliminated the back darts and zipper.  I use bias tape instead of facings and will often add patch pockets.  Simple shapes and easy fit are key.

I knit my Blueberry Hill cardigan in 2014.  Looking at this photo, I can see that my buttons and button holes are quite erratic! Ooops! I guess that's what I get when I knit buttonholes while watching TV.  I love the deep cobalt colour and pearl or shell buttons are my favourites for my knits.  The pattern I used was for a vest and I added top-down, set-in sleeves using Tasha's tutorial.  So easy!  I hate knitting sleeves flat.  So boring!

This is a pretty typical everyday outfit for me.  As it's freezing outside (still), I layered this with leggings and a slip.  Nice and toasty for the travel to work portion of my day and it was easy to remove layers during our session because the classroom was Amazon jungle hot!

* * * *

Dress:  Colette Patterns Laurel | Millefiore in Red

Cardigan:  Hiker's Waistcoat | Wool of the Andes Worsted in Celestial

Scarf: Thrifted.

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