Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gypsy's Acre

Today's dress is the second version of Dress D from the Stylish Dress Book.  I made just a few changes:    lengthening the keyhole opening and using a button back instead of a waist tie.  I sewed it all using French seams, the finish I am in love with at the moment. The fabric is, of course, a blatant thievery of a Dolly Clackett design.  I fell in love with the periwinkle background and flamboyant flora and fauna of the print.  Amy Butler does big and bold really well, doesn't she?

I was thoroughly engrossed in the Miss Marple episode, Endless Night, when I was making this.  I love to hate a suave villain (Mike Rogers) with Aneurin Barnard as the tuberculin architect best friend was an added bonus.  I just love him and I find his performances absolutely believable.  Did you see him as Richard III in The White Queen?  Fabulous and quite the romantic knight.  Incidentally, how do you pronounce his name correctly?  Welsh friends, help me out!

I love Miss Marple mysteries, don't you?  Julia McKenzie is my most favourite Miss Marple.  It's the not-quite-hidden sense of glee that she shows when she's in the process of nailing the criminal. Plus, I really like how she plays up the harmless knitting old lady angle when she's investigating.  Genius!

This episode was a gripper.  I had to watch it twice to pick up the clues I missed the first time around.  Thank goodness for Acorn TV!  It's narrated by Mike Rogers, one of the main characters.  He takes you through his life prior to meeting his wife, during his marriage, and after her death.  I won't say much more about the plot in case you want to watch it yourself.  It's a definite twister!

I'm a huge mystery fan and have seen every iteration of Sherlock Holmes I can get my hands on.  I've read all the original Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries and have recently found new ones on Scribd, including one written from Mrs. Hudson's perspective.  Jeremy Brett and Benedict Cumberbatch are  my favourite Sherlocks and I am really looking forward to seeing Mr. Holmes with Ian McKellan (Galdalf! Magneto!) as an elderly Sherlock.  Have you seen the trailer? I'll wait to see it until it comes out on DVD.   I love movies but not movie theatres.  I'd rather see a play if I'm going to be in an audience.

Right now I'm working my way through the Daisy Dalrymple mysteries.  She's a necessary addition to my personal survival list while I wait for the next Phryne Fisher book to be published. Georgie Rannoch, aka Her Royal Spyness, is another.  I do love a well-written, sassy sleuth.

* * * * *

Dress: Dress D, Stylish Dress Book
Fabric: Amy Butler Paradise Garden

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