Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Little Red Riding Anna

Oh, little Red Riding Hood meets matryoshka doll goodness, how I love thee!  Admittedly, I don't sew with as many novelty prints as I used to but this particular one made my wee heart go pitter patter.  *sigh*

I've loved the Anna Dress pattern since it first came out.  In fact, it was Roisin's many lovely versions that made me suck up the exorbitant shipping and order a copy for myself.  Do you remember when there was really only the Big 4 to choose from?  Then came Colette Patterns, my beloved go-to for fun and pretty garments, and now it seems that the indie pattern design world has exploded.  Thankfully, I  might add.

I essentially buggered my first go at this pattern last year and laid it aside, completely disenheartened.  Leave it to Dolly Clackett to tempt me out of my funk.  I came across a pin of her Deanna dress.  The Star Trek reference had me at hello but the beautiful fabric and overall design sucked me back in.  I think I finally have the fit sorted on this dress.  I moved the bodice pleats just slightly and sewed it with a 3/8" seam allowance.  I prefer the knee length, v-neck version out of all the options.  I look like a mushroom wearing maxi dresses.

I know the fabric is beyond ridiculous but I just don't care.  Twee designs definitely has a place in my wardrobe.  I feel particularly clever as I was able to slide in discreet pockets to the gores of the skirt.  Gathering skirts hurts my joints right now, so I'm drawn to patterns like this.  It's the need for a feminine shape without aggravation which is a key seller for me.  Set in sleeves are also not on my love list now so the kimono sleeves of this dress are a definite win. I hemmed them with bias tape as I hate facings and avoid them whenever possible.

I showed Chris how to watch This Old House on YouTube through Apple TV a couple of weekends ago and he has been happily binge watching ever since.  I've created a bit of a monster there!  To tell the truth, I don't mind watching that show but I definitely prefer the pretty, decorative parts of it to the down and dirty construction bit.  I'm lucky as Chris is really handy and could, in essence, build me a house from the ground up.  He did, after all, build quite the fantastic playhouse for Miss G last summer.  I will eventually inherit it as my electrified and insulated sewing shed.

* * * * *
Fabric: Grey Riding Hood Story by Josephine Kimberling | White hereGrey here.  


Sarah said...

Thank you!! Twee is fun, right? The Anna fits really well and is totally worth it.

Sarah Sparkles said...

Ooh I love it! Totally acceptable level of craziness twee in a print (of course I would say that). :) I have the Anna pattern but haven't tried it yet. It's such a great shape. Glad you were able to make a couple of tweaks that you're pleased with!

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