Monday, September 28, 2015

Ruby Tuesday and Sewing Off List

We're two weeks into FESA and I finally have something to show for it.  Was it part of my original plan. Nope.  I went off list with this one.  What a sewing rebel!

Like any woman, random dissatisfaction with myself pops up now and again and I was looking for something to disguise my fuller tummy yet not feel like I was being swallowed by a giant muumuu.  The yoke and gathers on Ruby won me over. That Rae is one smart lady.  She understands that a woman's shape fluctuates often throughout their life - be it pregnancy, illness, or age changes - and she creates flattering patterns for us to sew. I fell in love with her Washi dress last year and this year's paramour is definitely Ruby.

It's an easy pattern to put together and sew.   I think it took me all of 8 minutes to cut and paste my pattern pieces together.  There are 3 pieces in the pattern, although you cut 4 in fabric.  The front and back bodice are the same piece with different fold lines to differentiate which I thought was really clever.  As with all Rae's patterns, they are clearly marked and laid out and the instructions are spot on.  With one read through, I felt very confident about my ability to turn out a pretty garment.

I made a size medium with a 1" slash-and-spread to accommodate my generous bum.  I could have blended between sizes but I prefer to slash-and-spread as I get better results.  The only other alteration I made was to self-line my bodice in my woven version.  I like the neat finish it gives at the neckline.  I used the shortened sleeve piece from the Washi Expansion Pack (still one of the best pattern investments I've ever made).

The fabric is a gorgeous rayon challis from Gillian.  It has horses on it.  And horseshoes.  She also gave me some lovely slate blue polka dot challis which I turned into an Akita (my third).  The fabric is an absolute monster to cut (slippery!) but, oh, my!, what a dream to wear and the drape?! Fabulous.  I adore the deep raspberry shade, too.  It's one of my favourite colours.

I took 3" off the hem to make it a tunic length for me.  I wore it to work today with leggings, ballet flats, and my favourite thrifted glass bead necklace.  I felt like a million dollars.  Seriously.  The fabric was lovely to wear with just the right amount of swish.  With my newly pinked bangs and glasses (OMG! I can SEE!), I smartly dressed and even a bit pretty.That's a feeling I would love to bottle.  Thank you, Rae.  Feeling like this is important, especially in clothing you've made yourself.   

Ruby and I are fast friends now.
* * * * *

What are you sewing?  Has fall arrived where you are?  Summer is still present and accounted for, although I do need to leave the house with a sweater in the mornings.  This makes me utterly gleeful.


Sarah Sparkles said...

I am so, so happy to see that fabric being loved! I ignored it for far too long. It looks fab on you - and whatever you say about these pictures making you see the weight gain, my first thought was "Damn, she looks good and just like her profile pic on the sidebar!" Those glasses are awesome! Where did you get them?

Sarah Sparkles said...

Like Gillian, I also thought you looked lovely as soon as the first picture popped up. Pink is definitely your colour and your glasses are fantastic!

Sarah Sparkles said...

Wow that shade of pink looks fabulous on you! Looks like a super versatile pattern as well. I really must get around to trying one of her patterns sometime soon...!

Sarah Sparkles said...

you look full of joy and beautiful!

Sarah Sparkles said...

loving the pink. I would be tempted to dip dye the knit one.

Sarah Sparkles said...

Such a beautiful dress, Sarah! Very flattering in both color/print and silhouette :)

Sarah Sparkles said...

You look so happy in that top! Which is really what making clothes is all about, right? I've never tried one of her patterns, but maybe I should.

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