Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FESA 2015: Denim and Stripes

I nixed the Moji pants from my FESA plan and substituted a denim Ruby pinafore.  Which I love, by the way.  Love! I love the deep inky-indigo of the denim which has great stretch.  I love how the yoke gathers turned out beautifully and the giant patch pockets I added (vintage Butterick 5763).  I  love how it looks with striped shirts, leggings and flats, and tights and boots.

I pieced this Dolores out of remnants of rayon jersey from my Akita tee.  I had to add a CB seam and am (not so secretly) pleased with my stripe matching.  Ha!  I love the Dolores tee pattern.  I am quite lazy about stripe matching and love that I don't have to worry about it too much with this one.  I am careful about the side seams, though, but do go to town playing with stripe direction in all other places.

Even though I detest boats (death traps!) and am not much of a swimmer, I must have a hint of mariners blood in me as my wardrobe does not feel complete, no matter the season, without a couple of striped shirts.  The light jersey in this one makes it perfect for fall and spring.  I have another one cut out in black and white stripes just waiting to me sewn up.

Do you have any suggestions for woven/stretch woven skinny trousers patterns?  I prefer a size zip and am happy with both modern and vintage patterns.  I have a 31" waist and 41" hips with a generous derriere.  One suggestion has been the Style Arc Elle pants and I would love to hear yours.

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