Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thoughts on FESA 2015

I've just finished uploading the last of my project photos to the FESA Flick group and I am experiencing a lovely feeling of accomplishment.  My projects ended up being nothing like my original plan and that's OK.  FESA is meant to be an organic process; evolving from need and inspiration.  It wasn't until I discovered Pattern Anthology's wardrobe planning sheets that everything fell into place.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen quick snaps of WIP and finished items. I wanted to share some of my favourite items from this year's FESA with you today.  First up is Jasper Perri Oslo, my most recent make.  I squeaked it into the deadline by 2 days!

When I was thrifting last, I found this pretty periwinkle blue sweatshirt fleece for $8.99.  It's a surprisingly hard colour to photograph and looks dull grey no matter what I do.  Trust me, it's periwinkle.

I used the cowl from the Jasper Dress, the sleeves from the Oslo Cardigan, and the cuffs, bottom band, and body piece from the Perri Pullover.  The sweater has the same front and back  I turned the fleece inside out on the cowl and cuffs to expose its fluffy innards.  The verdict? A total win.  It's comfortable, easy to wear, and warm!

I'm a big fan of secret pajama clothing and try to sneak it into my wardrobe whenever possible.  If I can make it work appropriate, it's an extra bonus. This fall I fell head-over-heels for Made by Rae's Ruby pattern.  You've heard me wax poetical about it before and the love affair continues unabated.  I'm a utilitarian stitcher and when I find a pattern that fits and flatters, I make multiples.  While my summer wardrobe tends to be made up of Laurel and Washi garments, my fall wardrobe is all about Ruby.

I found this pink plaid flannel at Fabricland for $4/metre. Yes, $4/metre!  It is a gorgeous shade of pink and has a fuzzy wrong side and crisp right side.  I am far too lazy to spend the time matching plaid so I turned the yoke front and back on the bias.  The yoke is self-lined for extra warmth and convenience.  The sleeves are a slightly shortened version of those in the Washi Expansion Pack - another TNT.  With tights or leggings and boots, this has been a quite a typical fall outfit for me.  With a secret fuzzy inside.

For most of October, it was much too warm for wool cardigans but too cold for cotton ones.  I needed a cozy option that didn't involve knitting and Gillian suggested the Julia Cardigan.  Of course, I made it in pink. Tracy, a very cool artist and seamstress who works at my local Fabricland, who suggested this polar fleece masquerading as a sweater knit.  I was easy to cut being a stable knit and went through my serger quite well, only having a small hiccup with the double thickness collar + waist band.  I've worn this a lot this fall, both on its own and as a cozy extra layer.

* * * * *

From the 16 items I planned as my ideal fall wardrobe, I made 9, thrifted 1, and already had 6 in my handmade wardrobe.  I even snuck in a few bonus items.  I had a huge wardrobe clean out and discovered that I am functioning within parameters of a capsule wardrobe! I even started a cardigan!

At final count, I made the following to add to my fall/winter wardrobe:

  1. Navy stripe Dolores tee
  2. Black stripe Dolores tee
  3. Ruby Tuesday tunic
  4. Ruby Norway tunic 
  5. Pink polka dot Ruby tunic
  6. Jasper Perri Oslo pullover
  7. The Queen and I Ruby dress
  8. Pink Plaid Ruby dress
  9. Rose print Jasper dress
  10. Peony Washi dress
  11. Denim Ruby dress

There are so many amazing makes in the FESA Flickr Group and I am truly humbled to be working along side of such talent.  What have you sewn for fall (or spring) this year?  Are you already moving towards winter (or summer)?

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