Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sew Colette: My Meringue Skirt

Oooh, I love my Meringue skirt so much! I love the fit and the style. I love how easily it came together and how quick and simple it was to add a waistband. This version is my wearable muslin, but it looks good enough that I am happy to wear it regularly.

Sarai Mitnik is a genius! She not only designs beautiful patterns, but she provides very straightforward instructions that clearly set you up for sewing success. Now I find that every time I sew, my Colette Handbook is always within reach.

I love how easily the dark denim fabric I chose coordinates with the rest of my wardrobe. It was terrific to sew with and had approximately 2-3% spandex for stretch. My ' final' version will be made from some fine wale cherry red corduroy, which I will share with you as soon as it's finished.

I adore the scalloped hem! It adds such a fun element to a wardrobe staple design. I love how it looks with my fun polka dot tights, too! (Have I told you how much I love fun patterned tights?) I had everything I needed to make this skirt waiting for me in my stash, too. I'm stash-bustin'!

Do you know what I like most of all? Being able to make this along with everyone who has joined in with Sew Colette (92 of you to date!). I want to thank you all very much for your patience and understanding when I had to take a slight step back this month.

Now it's full-speed ahead with the Pastille Dress! The sew-along schedule for February will be posted tomorrow!


Miss Crayola Creepy said...

It looks so good! With fabric like that the skirt is destined to be a wardrobe staple! :)

charlotte said...

a good choice of fabric, mine is rather spring like hence I'm not wearing it at the moment because it's going to snow any minute!!

Suzy said...

It's gorgeous Sarah!!

Rachel said...

It looks great - I love the denim! And I love your tights too!

Kestrel said...

I do like your choice of denim, and think a red cord one sound fab too.

Marie said...

Fabulous, this looks great!

Penny-Rose said...

This looks great - I love stretch denim it is very versatile and hard wearing. Looking forward to seeing the cord version.

Ginger said...

Really cute! Can't wait to see your red corduroy version-- sounds adorable!

Yay, Pastille! I'm so excited to join you guys for it!

Popbabe7 said...

It looks gorgeous!!!

Jane said...

Gorgeous, it's very nice indeed in denim. The scallops have worked perfectly. x

Shmum said...

I wouldn't have thought of doing it with denim, but it looks great. See the following link for a black Hobbs dress which has a scalloped edge edged in white. Think this would work well with the Meringue too.x

Meg the Grand said...

I love that you've made it in denim - it's so versatile! It looks fantastic!

House of Pinheiro said...

Lovely xx

Debi said...

Brilliant idea to make this skirt in denim! I just love it!!

Sarah said...

@MissCrayola - Thank you, doll!

@Charlotte - I know I'm going to sew at least one spring version of this skirt, too1

@Suzy - Thank you so much, sweets!

@Rachel - Thank you! I LOVE mad patterned tights!

@Kestrel - Thanks so much, Kerry!

@Marie - Thank you!

@Penny-Rose - Thank you! I do love the stretch denim, too. Super comfy!

@Ginger - Thank you! Welcome aboard for Pastille!

@Popbabe - Thank you!

@Jane - Thank you so much, Miss Jane! :)

@Shmum - Thank you!

@Meg - Thank you so much, Meg dahlink!

@HouseofPinheiro - Thank you so much!

@Debi - Thank you so much, Debi doll!!

Ali said...

Congrats on your first item in a fabulous challenge! And it's styled so nicely with your *vest* and pretty scarf.

I just read your Jan round up, too, you've been on a roll! :)

I was hoping to whip up the meringue skirt with you all but I'm trying desperately to slow down and not rush through projects. Perhaps in the spring when the warmth returns. I've got lots of inspiration!

Crochet with Raymond said...

I love the skirt, it is fab and makes it so much more fun!
I wish I could sew too... there is so much to learn in this life! :O)

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