Thursday, November 9, 2017

Find Your Fade Shawl 2.0

I have finished my second Find Your Fade Shawl! Whew! It turned into a bit of an epic knit as it hibernated for a few months while I deliberated over the last 2 colours to use, but it's finally off the needles, blocked, and on me!  I really enjoyed knitting my first Fade Shawl.  I had not knit anything so big before and the stitches became meditative.  As that shawl now lives with my sister-in-law, I knew I wanted to knit another for myself.

The push came for this from this skein of yarn I had originally bought for the first one.  However, while it's beautiful on its own, it clearly didn't blend nicely with the existing colour scheme.   It took me a while to settle on the colours for this shawl, but once I dove into my stash and matched it up with some beautiful yellow Cascade Fingering yarn, I was off! I used a combination of commercial yarns by Cascade, Sweet Georgia, and Regia, as well as a beautiful skein from a new-to-me indie dyer in British Columbia.  Check out her Etsy shop - her yarns are gorgeous! 

This is a really, really big shawl; actually more like a blanket than a shawl.  It's lovely and lightweight, yet still warm and cozy.  I wear it wrapped around my  neck under a coat or tied around me like a cardigan at home.  As you can see, everyone in my family loves it. 

After this one, though, I think I'm done knitting gigantic shawls. That being said, this pattern has firmly cemented my love of knitting asymmetrical/bias shawls, so much so that I have cast on the Free Your Fade.  I'm knitting it in jewel tones in rainbow order because, obviously, rainbows are my favourite!  It's primarily a stash-buster but also an excuse to stock up on just-one-more-skein of my favourite yarns. 

What's on your needles?  What's the biggest thing you've ever knit?

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