Sew Miss Fisher

Those of you who follow me on Pinterest are well aware of my ongoing love affair with Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and 1920's fashion.  What appeals to me most about this era is the nod to gamine/garconne style, as well as the flattering lines and luxurious fabrics.

I am not one for sewing with 'fussy' fabrics (i.e. slippery silks, chiffons, etc.) but using silk blends, voiles, lawns, and rayons, as well as my beloved quilting cottons, seems much more achievable when approached from the point of view of Phryne's wardrobe.  While do salivate over Phryne's fabulous gowns, it is her pretty and practical separates that appeal to me the most.

I highly recommend downloading this free 1920's style guide, as it really helped me get a good look at the fashions of the day, as well as determine what is both flattering and comfortable for my figure.

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Anonymous said...

Sew Miss Fisher? Most definitely!

Also, if you or any of your readers love Miss Fisher on the screen, the books are even better. Honestly!

Kerry Greenwood has written plenty of other books as well, all of which I've managed to get my hands on, are also extremely good.
Though I do feel that if only for the wardrobe (as important in the books as in the tv series) Miss Fisher's murder mysteries are the best of her works :-)

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